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Local Authority!
Be the person that people think of when your field is mentioned.
Calling all Small Business Owners & Industry Professionals
7 Steps to Being a Market Leader & Industry Expert...
Always Start With Building a 5 Star Reputation
Check out our report and see how you are doing locally.  It all starts with building a 5 Star Reputation.  

Get our FREE Report and learn what your clients, customers and patients are saying about your business.  
Monitor Your Reputation...
  • Monitor: Always know what people are saying about your business.  Implement a system that notifies you immediately if someone says something about you online.  
  • Protect: Be proactive when someone post comments or reviews that's less then favorable.  
  •  Build & Promote: Leverage a system that makes building a 5 star reputation easy.  It should be part of your daily process.  If you already have positive reviews, learn the strategies to combine reviews with video so you can leverage your good reputation to get more business.
Check Out Your Reputation Now...
Think global, act local.
   Position yourself as the professional of choice and market leader in your city, state or region.  Think global, act local. 

You don't have to be rock-star famous before you are recognized as an authority in your field. You just have to begin to get the word out. Your goal is to be the person that people think of when your field is mentioned. At first, that may happen only locally, but take heart. Start where you are, with what you have, and you'll light a spark that could eventually become a firestorm of publicity.
Ideas for getting started...

  •  Workshops: offer a workshop at your office, church, or community center.
  •  Community Events: Get it in the community calendars, from newspapers to cable television.
  • Get Interviewed: Call up your local news stations, and offer yourself as the subject of an interview.  One listing or call at a time, you'll begin to make a name for yourself.  When you have an event coming up, call your local news stations and offer to interview on their early morning or noontime talk shows. Prepare for your interview by identifying two or three main points you want to make about your subject. Take a blank videocassette to record the show. Then, you can send the recording as an audition tape to a station with a wider audience.
  •  Contribute to public discussions: Write letters to the editors of newspapers and magazines whenever they cover stories in your field. You may offer an alternate viewpoint or simply compliment them on a well-written article. The more people see your name in connection with your subject, the more they'll recognize you as an authority in your field.
  •  You can take this strategy to the Web: Do you have a blog that allows you to share your thoughts and expertise on a daily basis? If not, that's one place to begin. It's quick, fun, and makes you available on the Web. If you already have a Web page, make it a habit to visit message boards in your field and post your link, along with your opinions.
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If You're An Individual...
This program will give you the ability to position yourself as a Local Authority. 
  •  Enhance your career (or start a new one)
  •  Master the latest and greatest skills in interview style presenting… 
  •  Expand your skill set, distance yourself from your competition and increase your earning potential
If You're A Business Owner...
Add interview style commercials to your local branding strategy to get more clients.
  •  Learn how to create high quality expert style videos that position you as a industry authority.
  •  Learn how using funnels can help you increase your client base.   
  •  Get priority support and get access to all of the other Local Branding & Reputation Marketing bonuses!
Synchronize Your Business Listing & Social Media Accounts
Local Listings & Local Ranking 
A solid Social Media strategy starts with setting up your account and optimizing them to show up in the major search engines.  Make sure Google, Yahoo, Bing, directory sites and local niche related sites know your business exists and all of your listings are properly synchronized with the correct Name, Address and Phone number.  

Build local brand awareness.

Drive more online and offline traffic.

Turn local searchers into mobile buyers.

Distribute High Quality Content
Syndicate! Syndicate! Syndicate!
Whether you are a blogging, focused on social media, promoting someone else's product, or implementing simple SEO strategies, distributing high quality content gives you the highest ROI.  

Video Creation & Syndication

Video Ranks in Google Like Gangbusters Right Now! Syndicate For Embeds & Backlinks!

Content Creation & Curation

It’s not just Videos! Syndicate high quality articles and other types of written content. This is SEO 101 but consistency secures your spots on the first page of Google!


Yep!  Make sure Social Media is covered too. Get posted on all the top Social Networking sites.
Consistent Branding Across All Social Media Sites
Advertising Banners Made Easy! 
You choose what you like and our Professional Design Team Will Create A FREE Banner For You.

Expert Funnels...
After you have a 5 star reputation, optimized to show up properly online locally, positioned yourself as a local authority, consistently producing high quality content and implementing a solid distribution strategy, it's time to build Funnels that drive sales and increases revenue.  
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Paid Advertising & Remarketing
Popular Platforms
Search Advertising Platforms
Social Media Platforms
  • facebook: Make meaningful connections with people to grow your business.
  • Twitter: Solutions to help you achieve your business goals
  •  Linkedin: Market to who matters.  Reach your ideal customers on the world's largest professional network
Warning:  Make sure you have considered all of the above listed strategies and activities before you start spending money on advertising.  Good SEO, prior traffic volume and effective funnels could reduce your advertising costs and improve your overall ROI.  What is a Quality Score?
Display Advertising, Retargeting
& Media Buying
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